Actualités et tendances du pilotage de projets
25 déc. 2014

In the last 15 years, project management has drastically changed...

(Extract from the white paper: Managing Deployment Projects). Download the complete document on

First generation of project management solutions used the concept of centralized information by demanding to be fed by a succession of numerous actors in a complex and asynchronous manner. For these first-generation solutions, this meant a small number of central stakeholders had a clear vision of how financial, human or material resources were being used. To monitor how the project was advancing and to prepare reports they relied on outdated data.

The second generation solutions added new planning capabilities to manage resources not just from a static perspective but also dynamically through deadlines and major project milestones. This is the generation of solutions that most still use today, with a significant presence in IT departments for portfolio management. If this generation has allowed for significant progress in terms of monitoring, it has not really been a game changer, neither in
terms of data reliability nor in terms of difficulty of obtaining reports that are really updated with the latest informations.

The rapid transformation of our economies into digital economies over the recent years has accelerated the need for a new generation of solutions capabilities for with real-time management and monitoring. The raise of new possibilities for socially integrated collaboration, on the go use, as well as dedicated interfaces for all project actors from the field to the project director himself, has allowed for real-time automated reporting. Operations that are more and more frequent as well as more and more complex are now monitored real-time.

The benefit of these new collaborative solutions has created a paradigm change with far reaching impacts for all actors in businesses impacted by deployments.



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