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23 déc. 2014

What is a deployment project ?

We use the term « deployment project » when projects or activities impact a network composed of multiple physical points (multi-sites). It could be installing new equipment, deploying new store concepts, generalizing new processes, supporting change management for new IT tools, deploying a new training, changing the storefronts... In other words, project deployment is not limited to just real estate or logistics activities

1. The geographic dimension of deployment projects

If we are building not one new point of sale but 40 new points of sale in a region, we are talking about a deployment project. Replacing all the elevators in a network of stores to bring them up to standards also falls within the definition of a deployment project. The scale can be quite different, as with the installation
of 4G LTE antennas over an entire telephone network, with thousands of installations. A deployment project impacts physical points that can be identified on a map.


2. Parallelization in deployment projects

A deployment project is defined by (1) a network of sites (stores, infrastructure, distributorships…) and (2) a certain number of repetitive actions conducted on these sites (individually or in parallel over several sites). Deployment projects can be developed on a very big scale in one «big bang» (all stores or all physical points are impacted at the same time), or staggered over a period of time.


3. Network heterogeneity

ONE2TEAM has recently taken an inventory of hundreds of networks of more than 500 stores across the world. Managing a network does not necessarily  mean that you are the owner. One must differentiate between the notion of property and « overseeing the project » : one can manage a project while
the store ownership is spread across franchises.

In the context of deployment projects, we often talk about the idea of «project typology» or «network typology.» For example, if the project is related to a retailer, we can deploy the project in several stages: first in the drive-up network, then downtown or malls.

These deployment projects are a great breeding ground for project experimentation and methodology. Project success constraints are not the same as in many other domains where delays, additional costs and/or failures are numerous, even common, as observed in IT projects. The set of constraints relevant to deployment project success leaves much less freedom when it comes to budgets and deadlines.

ONE2TEAM is interested in this management approach and has supported clients for several years in their search for efficiency in their deployments.



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